Did you know?

As of July 1st 2007, Florida Statutes require ALL home insurers to give Florida homeowners "discounts, credits, or refunds" for design features that reduce (mitigate) damage and loss in windstorms.

You’re probably losing money without an Orlando Wind Mitigation Assessment

The Windstorm portion of your homeowner's policy can be between 20 and 70 percent of your total premium! With our inspection, OSHI will help you gain significant savings in this area of your Homeowners Insurance.

Few buyers will know how important an Orlando Wind Mitigation report is. Insurance companies now make this report a step that must be taken to get a further discount. Unfortunately they don't usually tell you.

Most houses already qualify for this discount

Nearly 90 % of existing homes have one or more wind mitigating design features and already qualify for significant discounts. Building design and installation features that reduce wind damage include: better designed roof shingles, stronger roof construction, hurricane clips/straps, hurricane resistant windows or shutter protection for windows, roof shape and other construction techniques.

"...when OSHI did my Orlando Wind Mitigation inspection I was told how some simple adjustments to my roof could save me some bucks. The adjustments cost me nothing, I saved $166 a year on my insurance and it more than paid for the inspection. Now I'm just mad! My Insurance never told me about this money saving inspection. I've been over paying on my home insurance for years."

Peter Brunton, Orlando, FL